About Healthy Times


Healthy Times cereal is recommended for babies with reflux. Containing no allergens such as soy, dairy or enzymes, Healthy Times cereals for babies are easy to digest. Healthy Times DO NOT add alpha-amylase which converts the grain into sugar to sweeten cereals.

Healthy Times baby cereals are ready to eat and need not be boiled or cooked. You can mix Healthy Times cereals with Healthy Times baby jar food for a delicious breakfast or meal.

Store in cool dry place and use within 30 days after opening package.

Always start with Brown rice cereal for weaning. Brown rice is preferred to normal rice cereal because it is more nutritional. Only premium organic brown rice is used in Healthy Times Brown Rice cereal.

Brown Rice Cereal for Baby

Oats contain a protein that is similar to gluten, but not exactly the same. In many plantations, they are commonly grown directly adjacent to other cereals such as wheat, and are milled on the same equipment. This causes the oats to be contaminated. Stringent quality control from planting, harvesting to processing ensures that Healthy Times Oatmeal cereal is free from “wheat contamination”. Hence our Oatmeal cereals are wheat free.

Gluten and wheat can be introduced to babies after 6 months unless there is a family history of wheat allergies or Celiac's Disease.

Oatmeal Cereal for Baby

Healthy Times Barley Cereal is the only baby barley cereal available. Many babies suffer from constipation due to a number of reasons. For example, the formula milk that the babies take or lack of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Healthy Times Barley cereal is excellent for a baby’s digestive system and aids in softening stools, thus relieving constipation in babies.

Rotating the varieties is recommended by pediatricians to make sure that the baby has obtained all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from the varieties. Also single grain cereals keep check of any possible allergies in a baby.

Barley Cereal for Baby

When a baby is ready for the next stage, Healthy Times Premium Mixed Grain Cereal (6 months and up) is the perfect choice. All our 4 types of cereals are fully supplemented for healthy growth and development as recommended by pediatricians.

Mixed Grain Cereal for Baby